We're just friends! C.T.H. (ON HOLD)

Calum asks Ariana to join him and the boys on tour! She says yes! What will happen when the paparazzi's catch Ariana and Calum together? Will their secret relationship get exposed to the world?

Note: Ariana's full name is Ariana Grande!!(yes the singer, but she isn't that famous yet! She only has a YouTube channel where she sings, the channel has 723 subscribers)


9. Niall! chapter 8!!!

Arianas Pov

After breakfast, we went packing. Today we were leaving for New York! I couldn't wait. I packed everything and sat on the hotel bed. I played with my phone waiting for the boys to say that we were leave. There was a knock on the door. I ran up to it and opened it. It was Harry, Louis, Luke and Ashton. "Have you packed?" Luke asked. "Yes!" I said happy. "Good. We need your help. We don't know where Niall went this morning. He isn't answering our calls nor text." Harry said. "Sure I'll help. But do you know why he left?" I asked. They just nodded their heads no. We went searching. I tried calling and texting him.

Ari: Niall where are you? Please come back!

Niall: I'll come later.

"Niall answered my text" I shouted. "What did he say?" Calum asked. "He said that he would come later. But that doesn't matter, we can track his phone now!!" I answered.

We tracked his phone and found out he was at a park. The boys insisted on going over there too, but I told them he probably would get mad, so I went alone. "Niall why did you just run off?" I asked as I sat myself next to him. He said nothing, he just looked me in the eyes. He leaned forward and kissed me. I didn't kiss back I just pulled back. Did this count as cheating? Did I just cheat on Calum? "Niall why did you just kiss me?" I asked very shocked. "Ariana, I have loved you since the first time I saw you. What do you even see in Calum?" I was shocked at what he just said. "You know what? You just made me cheat on my boyfriend!" I yelled. "I know! You should drop him and be with me!" He said. "Niall! I love Calum! I could never just drop him." I yelled running away from him.

When I came back to the hotel, tears were rolling down my face. "Ari! What happened?" Luke said running to me. "Luke.. I... I t-think I just chea-cheated on Ca-Calum" I stammered through my sobs. "You what?" Luke almost yelled. I could see the anger in his eyes. "Niall kissed me.. I didn't kiss back, I just pulled away." I sobbed. He pulled me into a warm embrace. Calum came running. "Hey you're ba- Babe why are you crying? What happened?" Calum asked. "Niall.. He.. He.." I couldn't say it. What if he wanted to break up? "What about Niall?" He asked. "He.. He kissed me.. But I didn't kiss back." I cried more. Calum pulled me into a big hug. "It's gonna be alright. As long as you didn't kiss back, everything's going to be okay!" He said soothing me.

Hey guys! So what did you think about the chapter? I love you guys❤️ Thanks for reading😘😜

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