We're just friends! C.T.H. (ON HOLD)

Calum asks Ariana to join him and the boys on tour! She says yes! What will happen when the paparazzi's catch Ariana and Calum together? Will their secret relationship get exposed to the world?

Note: Ariana's full name is Ariana Grande!!(yes the singer, but she isn't that famous yet! She only has a YouTube channel where she sings, the channel has 723 subscribers)


7. Live while we're young! chapter 6!!

Arianas Pov

I woke up and put on some high waisted white shorts, a pinkish glitter crop top and my white low converse. http://www.polyvore.com/untitled_22/set?id=184053857

It has been quite some time since I posted a video on my YouTube channel, so I decided I would do a cover.

When I had set everything up, there was a knock on the door. I ran to the door and opened it. "Hey. Watcha doing?" A happy Calum asked. "I was about to film a cover for my YouTube channel!" I answered. "Can I be in it?" Calum asked. "Sure!" "Maybe I could get the boys from 1D to be in it, if you want?" He asked. "Yeah that would be cool, but aren't they at their hotel?" I asked. "No they came earlier this morning! I'll just go now, and get them!" He said running out of the room.

"Heeey!" I heard someone yell at the door. I ran to the door and opened it. "Hey. Ready to film?" I asked. "Always!" A very happy Louis said. We got in to my room. "So what song do you guys want to sing?" I asked. "What about 'live while we're young' from our album?" Harry asked. "Sure!" I answered. We gave each other parts to sing and got ready. I turned on the camera and said "heeey guys! I'm back. I know I haven't filmed anything in quite a while, but I'm a little busy at the time. But let's get to the video! Today I'm gonna sing 'live while we're young' by one direction, but that's not all of it. Today I'm here with 5 seconds of summer, and one direction!!" The boys jumped up from under the camera and sat next to me. "So lets begin!" I said when everyone was where they should be. Throughout the video I could feel Niall staring at me. It was really uncomfortable. Why did he stare though. Did I have something on my face?

~~~~after filming~~~~

"Ari, I didn't know you could sing that good!" Louis said. "I'm really not that good." I said. "Yes you were!!" Harry said. "Please stop. I'm not going to argue about this!" I said. They just laughed. "We should go now." Niall said in a mad tune. "Yeah we need to get ready for the show." Ashton said. "Well then bye!" I said. "BYYYEEE!" Louis screamed. I just laughed. After the boys got out, I changed into something a little more comfortable to edit the video. http://www.polyvore.com/friday_nights_be_like/set?id=184157454

Nialls Pov

I can't think about anything other than Ariana. She's so pretty and sweet. I really like her, but Zayn said that she has something going on with Calum. Why is she so perfect? I can't think about anything else than her.

Oh my god!! 2000 views😱 Thank you guys so much!! I'm kind of running out of ideas, so if you have an idea write it in the comments, or you can Dm me on Instagram: majsemussenn or Twitter: MajaLarsen13❤️👌🏻 Love youuuu😘

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