We're just friends! C.T.H. (ON HOLD)

Calum asks Ariana to join him and the boys on tour! She says yes! What will happen when the paparazzi's catch Ariana and Calum together? Will their secret relationship get exposed to the world?

Note: Ariana's full name is Ariana Grande!!(yes the singer, but she isn't that famous yet! She only has a YouTube channel where she sings, the channel has 723 subscribers)


10. Interview!! Chapter 9!!

Arianas Pov

We were on the plane to Sweden. I sat next to Harry and Calum. Most of the plane ride I just slept and heard music. When we arrived at the airport, we got our luggage and waited for our driver. 
We arrived at our hotel. The boys said I could have a room with Calum, if we weren't too loud. I just glared at them, and Calum smirked. 
The rest of the day was pretty boring.
~~~next morning~~~
I woke up and put on a black crop top, blue jeans and black stilettos. (Indsæt link)
"So what are we doing today?" I asked Calum. "Well me and the boys are going to be interviewed today!" He answered. "All of you or just your band?" "Just the band!" "Okay! Remember if you get any questions about relationships, you're single!" I said seriously. "Of course babe!" He said giving me a peck on the lips. 
~~~Interview~~~ (no ones Pov)
"So are you guys working on some more music or something like that?" The interviewer asked. "Well actually we are working on an album!" Luke said. "Nice!" "Now I have a question for you Calum. You have been spotted holding hands with a girl. Are you in a relationship or are you still single?" The interviewer asked. "Oh. Well she's my best friend, nothing more! Don't worry I'm still single pringle!" Calum said believable. 
~~~at the hotel~~~
Arianas Pov.
I was sitting with Louis and Harry in their room. "Sooo... Did Niall really kiss you?" Louis asked breaking the silence. "Yeah.. And after I pulled away he told me to break up with Calum.." I answered a little insecure. "Don't worry. Zayn and Liam are talking to him about it now." Harry said calming. I just sighed and looked down. "So when are the boys coming back?" Harry asked. "They're on their way now!" I said happily. The door opened. It was Niall. He was standing there, looking me in the eyes. He had red puffy eyes. I could tell he had cried. He was about to say something when the 5sos boys barged in. "Hey guys!" I said happy to see Calum again. "Hiiii!" Luke said in a high pitched voice. Calum came and sat next to me. I looked at him, and I could tell he was mad about Niall being in here. "So what were you guys doing?" Ashton asked also looking at Niall. "We just sat here and talked, and then Niall came in just a second before you guys." Said Louis knowing they were mad about him being here. "Okay!" Mikey said. After a minute of silence, I spoke. "Well... We probably should get going!" "Yeah." Calum said giving me his hand. We walked to our room hand in hand. 

What was Niall going to say? Was the only thing I could think of.

Heeey guys!! Thank you so much for almost 3k views!! Today's my birthday, and that is one of the best presents! Love ya!❤️😘


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