Go to sleep

Why are you even here?!
You don't need to read this!
This is a PRIVATE story...
Why don't you just,


10. Jen's POV

"My sister...!"

I jump out of bed and bolt down the corridor, smashing open my sisters bedroom door.

A tall boy stands looming over her bed, his hood up, goggles covering his eyes shadily and a silver mouth-guard shielding his mouth.

"Stop!" I yell, startling the boy. He holds up an axe in his left hand and points it at me.

"I'll kill the both of you if I have to..." He says 

My sister whimpers,

"Don't worry Tilly, i'll make sure Toby keeps his axe away from you."

Toby stares at me. "And you know my name how?"

"Research." I say pointedly. 

"Hello, Toby." Jeff leans against Tilly's bedroom door casually,

"Ah, Jeff. You're here too?"

Jeff nods, "Much going on back home?"

Toby shakes his head, "Nah, Slendy's keeping the house company though."

Jeff laughs, "Good one, I bet he's stomping about the wood like a maniac."

Toby laughs along with Jeff and I make my way over to my sister,

"Are you okay Tilly?" She nods at me, 

"Why are they here?"

I smile,

"I haven't got a clue."



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