Go to sleep

Why are you even here?! You don't need to read this! This is a PRIVATE story... Why don't you just, GO TO SLEEP Already?!


3. Jens POV

His name is Jeff the killer

Haha very funny Sav...

I'm not joking... Ever heard of creepypasta?


Are you okay?


Tell me everything.

I'm seeing a frickin' murderer in my dreams Sav!!!!!!!

Oh yeah, but you're not dead yet!


Oh come on Jen, don't be so dramatic...

I'm gonna die

Maybe... Anyways the bus has just arrived ttyl?

At school Sav, at school

Kay byeeeeee

If i don't turn up i'm probrably dead

Good luck with that!

I sigh and drop my phone on my bed, pull on my uniform, and grab a piece of toast.

"Byeeeeeeeeeeee mommmmmmmmmm." I yell up the stairs, "Byeeeeeeeeeeeeee Pops!" And then run out the door.

 I walk to school, but Sav lives a lot further out than me so he has to get the bus.

I arrive at the school gates in no time,

I take a deep breath, and begin my day at school.

I think it's lucky that i'm not dead yet.



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