Go to sleep

Why are you even here?! You don't need to read this! This is a PRIVATE story... Why don't you just, GO TO SLEEP Already?!


2. Jen's POV

I wake up sweating, and panting.

I had the dream again...

I clamber out of my bed and draw a quick anime picture of the boy once again,

He looks the same still.

I quickly send a text to my mate Sav,

Hey Sav

He texts back almost immediately.

Heyyyyy Jen

Oh thank god.

Whats up?

I'm really freaked out rn


I've been seeing the same boy in my dreams for like five nights in a row now...

Woah, sounds a little crazy... what did he look like?

Like this...


What? He's really creepy looking right?


What is it Saveli?

His name is Jeff the killer

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