Go to sleep

Why are you even here?!
You don't need to read this!
This is a PRIVATE story...
Why don't you just,


12. Jeff's POV

"Hello sweetheart..."

"Oh crap, Jeff you scared me."

I've been visiting Jen for three weeks now and we've became really great friends,

Usually she'd see me coming but today, I decided to scare her. Just a little.

"Sorry Jen, I couldn't resist..."

I hug her from behind and then sit next to her on her bed.

"So, hows things today?"

"Ergh, the usual. One persons sick the others bored as hell."

"Haha sounds terrible to me..."

"Yeah, it was!"

She laughs and I can feel her breath on my neck, we're that close.

She realizes and blushes moving back a little.


"No..." I move closer, closing the gap between us, I hold her face with both my hands.

"U-um..." She looks really uncomfortable so I let go of her face and move back a bit.

"Shit, now i'm sorry."

We laugh for a while, but I can't forget that gut feeling when we were close....

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