Go to sleep

Why are you even here?!
You don't need to read this!
This is a PRIVATE story...
Why don't you just,


11. Jeff's POV

"So, would you care to explain why the heck you're protecting that house?"

 Toby asks on the long walk home,

"It's a long story..."

"Sure, is that the excuse you're going to give Slender?"

I ponder this for a moment, 

"Maybe, look its the best I've got okay?"

"Well, maybe you should invite her over to the mansion, you seem to like her that much. hmm?"

Toby cracks his neck and twitches, which is natural for him, having Tourettes and all.

"Invite who over?" Both I and Toby jump, Ben appears behind us.

"This girl that Jeff Likes..."

"I don't like-"

"Sure whatever."

"I think he does..." 

"I can hear you Bennnnnnnnn" I yell.

It is nice to have friends when you need them eh?

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