Go to sleep

Why are you even here?!
You don't need to read this!
This is a PRIVATE story...
Why don't you just,


9. Jeff's POV

After she went to sleep I clambered in through her window clumsily.

My knife is in my pocket but my motive is not to kill her, just to watch over her.

Her honey coloured hair covers her tanned face, I brush it out of her closed eyes gently.

Don't ask me why i'm doing this.

 I realize i'm a killer,

but I just don't want to kill her.

I sit on her windowsill peacefully, resting my head on the cold pane of glass.

Her eyelids flutter slightly as she stirs, she opens her eyes a little and bolts up suddenly when she sees me in the shadows.

She raises her hand to her mouth,

"T-This isn't a dream... Is it?" She asks, stuttering.

I shake my head and she opens her mouth ready to scream.

Until she sees I have a knife.

"Clever girl." I say mockingly, while shaking the knife in my hand. "Just so you know, I'm not here to kill you." I grin showing off my bleach white teeth,

"I-i know who you are." She shivers, "Jeffrey Woods."

My whole body jerks as she says that, "I don't know who that is." I state,

She raises one eyebrow, "Sorry, I hadn't realised you didn't go by that name anymore."

I laugh hysterically but quietly, then roll my eyes. "Call me what you wish, my friends call me Jeff."

"Okay Jeff, i'm Jennie." She holds out a tanned hand, which I shake.

I then grin again, opening up the deep slashes in my cheeks.

"Well, it's late. You ought to go to sleep."

She nods, " Goodnight Jeff."

I open the window silently.


Jennie, jolts, looks at me terrified and then...

"My sister...!"



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