Go to sleep

Why are you even here?! You don't need to read this! This is a PRIVATE story... Why don't you just, GO TO SLEEP Already?!


6. Jeff's POV

6:30 wake up time,

Leaves the house at 8 am,

Arrives at school at 8:30.

Hmmmmm I wonder who that boy is standing with her...

He better not get in my way later on.

Hi, my name is Jeff.

I was normal once, but my brain slowly morphed into a living disaster, and now i'm a killer.

9:00 and she steps out of class... Jeez! Is she hyperventilating?!

Don't die. Don't die. Don't die.

It's okay shes fine, but the boy is sitting with her now.

I growl and lean against the wall.

I guess i'll have to visit her again tonight.

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