Lonely Tryst

A romantic story about Indian Couples Aroma and Ayush who passionately love each other. But their relationship is destined for something else...


6. When love was in the air..

We started meeting more and more. Initially with excuses of notes than with the feelings we started having for each other.

We started giving more and more importance to each other, understanding each other.

Mussoorie, had many places to offer for youngsters. This was one thing I always liked about my college being situated in heart of city.

Our relationship grew deeper and deeper and now it needed a status. After the completion of seminars we both managed to spend time for each other away from city.  I took her to Mossy falls where I and Rajiv have already done preparation to make moments worth remembering.

Yes, I was about to purpose her!

In midst of waterfalls and the sky above, I knelt down before her.

‘Honey, the day when I first saw you was the day which made me realize that angels are not fantasies, they are real. Not only your charm but your words are also magical. When I see you I feel all I ever wanted is right infront of me. Honey can I call u mine? Now and forever’

My sweet heart was almost crying. She extended her arms and rest followed. She whispered in my ears ‘yes’. I hold her more tighter. She was mine. All I wanted was never  let her go. Wish it were true.


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