Lonely Tryst

A romantic story about Indian Couples Aroma and Ayush who passionately love each other. But their relationship is destined for something else...


4. When fantasies meets reality..

Days went on and college schedule picked up the pace. I used to glare at her whenever she was around cautiously, not to let her know.  I was not pervert; sacred femininity was reigning my heart and ruining my mind.

One day I was waiting for Rajiv who had some issues to solve with the administration department. I was sipping coffee having glance at economics notes.

‘Hey, can I seat over here’, a soft voice inquired.

‘Aroma’? I somehow managed to utter and maintain  etiquettes. I felt knotted throat and difficulty to swallow down.

‘Yes please’, I said with atmost guts.

She made herself comfortable over chair and began looking at me with momentarily eye winks.

Have I made any blunder sneaking at her? Is her appealing beauty not the culprit? I murmered inside.

 She broke her silence with a smile.

‘So, Ayush how are your preparation for seminars on direct taxation going’ She spoke gently.

I felt as if I had no control over my senses: especially the eyes.

‘Going well’ I replied managing to normalize again.

‘Concenterate well on that Ayush,’ she chuckled.

We both broke into a short laughter as we both knew what she was trying to embellish.

We discussed about our hometowns, prior education, first day experience in the college and momentarily exchanged smiles. She was more than I anticipated. A genuine girl with simplicity. Now her spellbounding words were mesmerizing me.

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