Lonely Tryst

A romantic story about Indian Couples Aroma and Ayush who passionately love each other. But their relationship is destined for something else...


3. The memorable first day..

Ayush Sharma? I reported my presence as the class teacher continued to do so.

Aroma Bhargav?  Class teacher repeated again but no affirmation. Suddenly a medium stature girl  entered class replying to  her, apologizing for being late. She was wearing a royal blue sweater with light blue denim contrasting her beauty. She took her place two desk ahead of me. I was continuously gazing at her and deep down I was aware that I was not meant to. Her little wrists popping out of her sweater resembled me to that of a newly born child. She was carrying a unique peace which was hypnotizing me more and more. Her curly hairs were frequently flirting with her cheeks and making her bit uncomfortable. 

Ahh!! I exclaimed feeling a pinch on my thighs.

‘Ayush come back to earth’, smirked Rajiv. We exchanged smiles. Men will be men

There was something different about her that was captivating me, making me more irresistible. I remembered the quote ‘love at first sight’ and blushed.

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