Lonely Tryst

A romantic story about Indian Couples Aroma and Ayush who passionately love each other. But their relationship is destined for something else...


1. The last Trip..

‘ I won’t let you go honey’, I groaned and stretched all my arm’s muscles, I possibly could.

I could feel her numbed palm interlocked in mines. Her face had same peace and innocence which she always carried.

Baby! She whispered in the chilling silence of the cliff.

I looked up at her, sobbing.

‘You were the best thing that ever happened to me’, she said gently, holding my palm more firmly. A momentarily pause followed. I could feel her warm breath drawing closer on my face. With each passing second she was slipping through my fingers as if the cold valley was desperate enough to devour her.

I was helpless. A cold breeze followed in the mourning silence bringing vistas along with.

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