Lonely Tryst

A romantic story about Indian Couples Aroma and Ayush who passionately love each other. But their relationship is destined for something else...


5. Insomniac me..

That night after dinner I hurried to my room eagerly to send her a friend request.

Aroma Bhargav wants to be your friend.


I clicked the confirmation button fastest I could ever had. She was waiting for me.

A popped up message displayed hiee.

My heart was pounding. To my excitement I don’t remember how many ‘e’ I typed in my reply to

 her: hie.

That night I made it ours. We talked about everything from our likes to dislikes, our hobbies, memorable to embarssing incidents, our perception to life, everything until our fingers started aching. We said temporary good byes as it was early morning 4:30 am and we were about to meet each other in few hours.

I slept for an hour and half hugging my blanket more tightly. I was sure she did it with her pillow.

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