Before The Harvest

"Before the Harvest " I know you will enjoy this story of three generations of farmers During the outbreak of WW2. Janice Villeverde and her friend Miriam Nixon are sent to Wildacre Farm in the New York Estate. it is there that they are put to work along with many others to help the war effort. it is there that they meet up with young Thomas Hogg who introduces the girls to his friend George Barrett. After a brief courtship Janice finds herself in trouble and George Barrett sends her away when she tells him. Forced to bring up a child on her own Janice swears revenge on the man who wronged her. Before the Harvest gives you an insight of how a farm worked during the war years; a story of love hate and revenge.


82. 82

When Jackie returned home he kissed his mother; she smiled then asked if he enjoyed his walk.

Yes we must have walked around four miles but it went quickly because we were talking all the way around.

“All the way?

Jackie blushed then said I like her mother, I like her a lot.

“That is good son but you must treat her with respect and never hurt her do you understand. A woman will never forgive you if you treat her badly.’

“You mean like George Barrett; he didn’t refer to him as father because he didn’t know him and he had never been a father to him.

He couldn’t feel love for a man who had raped women and treated them like objects of desire.

Jackie had too much respect to bring himself down to his father’s level.

George Barrett was incapable of love; all he ever thought about was money and what he could gain from it. Even though Jackie was his only son; the other women he abused had bore girls; he still felt nothing for the man and he hoped that he would be struck down with some infectious disease.

“Regardless of what he has done Jackie he is still your father; bitterness eats you away son and I want you and Adrianna to be happy for the rest of your lives together.’

“I am not like my father mother; I love her and I will look after her and I will protect her with my life.’

‘That is good son; I am proud of you.’ Adrianna will love you all the more for it.”

 It is early days; but when you plan to get married come and tell me. Now you get yourself to bed and you will see Adrianna at work tomorrow.’

Goodnight mother; good night Gerry.’

Jackie walked down the passage to his room and closed the door.

Undressing he began to replay the events of the day back in his mind. He felt so lucky that he had the most beautiful woman in the world who loved him.’


Brian walked back to the cottage with Serene he opened the door for her and she went inside.

“Hot chocolate before we turn in asked Brian; Thomas had gone to bed and the fire still burned in the grate.

Brian put on the electric kettle then took down his favourite mug he got another from the cupboard then spooned in some Cadbury’s powdered chocolate and then boiled some milk. He half filled the mugs with water then added the milk.


“No thanks she said.’

Adrianna got up and Brian got another mug and made her a nightcap.

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