Before The Harvest

"Before the Harvest " I know you will enjoy this story of three generations of farmers During the outbreak of WW2. Janice Villeverde and her friend Miriam Nixon are sent to Wildacre Farm in the New York Estate. it is there that they are put to work along with many others to help the war effort. it is there that they meet up with young Thomas Hogg who introduces the girls to his friend George Barrett. After a brief courtship Janice finds herself in trouble and George Barrett sends her away when she tells him. Forced to bring up a child on her own Janice swears revenge on the man who wronged her. Before the Harvest gives you an insight of how a farm worked during the war years; a story of love hate and revenge.


35. 35

On the 21st of January 1943 Janice woke up with a stirring pain in her stomach. She got up and waddled to the toilet the cramp in her stomach seemed to get worse and the pains grew stronger. She felt something give in her lower body; her waters had broken and now the pain got even worse.

Miriam she shouted as her legs gave way and she thumped down on the toilet seat.

Miriam and Cora came running outside and immediately knew that Janice was in the first stages of labour.

Thomas! Thomas!

 Thomas woke with a jolt then put on his trousers and ran to where he could hear his mother calling.

Thomas popped his head around the toilet to see Janice in pain.

“Don’t just stand there gawping Thomas get the doctor.’

Thomas ran back to his bed room put on his socks and some boots then threw his coat and flat cap on as he ran to the Land Rover. He turned the key in the ignition then swung the car around and out of the gate.

He sped down the road towards Hillhead’s road where doctor Gofton lived. Jumping out of the jeep he ran to the door and knocked repeatedly on the door until a woman answered.

“Is the doctor in we have a girl who has gone into labour.’

 The doctor asked if he could go in the jeep with Thomas so he slid in the passenger side; Thomas took off again and drove well over the speed limit until he reached the farm.

They had covered the bed with a plastic sheet that they used for the carrots and Janice was now lying down on it.

“Take big breaths Cora was saying then push down as hard as you can.’

Janice obeyed but nothing was happening. The doctor came into the cottage and Thomas showed him to the bedroom.

Right if I can just have a wee look said the doctor with a Scottish accent.’

“Now then young lady, is this your first child?”

“Yes Doctor; Right then I want you to try and relax so lets have some deep breaths.’

Janice obeyed then the doctor looked under her night dress.

“Ah good we can see the baby’s wee head coming now could you push for me.”

I can’t screamed Janice.

“Come on now Jan, you can do this now; Push!’

Janice bore down and strained until the doctor told her to wait; now Janice pant like a dog for me.

Again Janice followed what the doctor said then he told her to bare down again.

“She pushed for all she was worth and then the doctor pulled the baby out.

“Good girl said the doctor you have a nice wee boy there.

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