Before The Harvest

"Before the Harvest " I know you will enjoy this story of three generations of farmers During the outbreak of WW2. Janice Villeverde and her friend Miriam Nixon are sent to Wildacre Farm in the New York Estate. it is there that they are put to work along with many others to help the war effort. it is there that they meet up with young Thomas Hogg who introduces the girls to his friend George Barrett. After a brief courtship Janice finds herself in trouble and George Barrett sends her away when she tells him. Forced to bring up a child on her own Janice swears revenge on the man who wronged her. Before the Harvest gives you an insight of how a farm worked during the war years; a story of love hate and revenge.


21. 21

At five minutes past eight Tommy came in and he came over to apologise to Miriam then asked if she would like another drink. “I’ve already had two Tommy.

Tommy got them all a drink then sat down.

“What happened well one of the cows was in labour and decided to calf as I was leaving so I stayed with my father to help him deliver him?

“A bull said George; he will fetch a good price at market once he’s big enough.’

“Yes that’s what my father has said.

The piano player began to play a Frank Sinatra song “All This and Heaven Too”

“Would you care to dance Miriam asked Tommy?

“Alright Miriam got up and walked onto a small area; Tommy was a very good dancer he knew all the steps; he seemed to glide Miriam around the floor.

“Don’t you dance then asked Janice?

“Unfortunately I have two left feet.

“Come on I will teach you said Janice; with two men in the house I had to teach them as well.”

George held Janice awkwardly as they started but by the end of the song he was getting the hang of it. Janice asked if the piano player knew Angel Eyes” he nodded and began to play.

Tommy and Miriam were getting closer until she rested her head against his shoulder he could feel her heart beating fast and he wondered if she could feel his.

Janice looked over and saw Miriam and then followed suit.

By quarter to eleven George said that he had better make tracks.

“One more for the road George as Tommy went to the bar.

“Alright then I will have a half though as I have to drive tomorrow.’

“It’s never bothered you in the past my friend Tommy laughed.’

“Yes,’ we must escort these young ladies back to the camp or they will be in trouble.’

“One more dance and then we will supp up and leave.’ George took Janice by the hand and then they fell together ever closer than they were previously.

“You’re alright you know Janice; George said as he looked into her eyes.

“Yes and I think you are a little tipsy if you ask me but you have come out of your shell so I’m pleased for that Georgie.

“I would like to see you again if you like?

“We will see said Janice as the music finished and George went back to the table.

They finished their drinks off then headed towards the camp arm in arm.

“I’ve had a good night tonight Tommy; maybe we can do this again some time.

“Yes I would like that very much Miriam. They stopped beside a nearby tree and Tommy kissed Miriam. They then walked on to see Janice and George in a clinch a little further on.


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