Before The Harvest

"Before the Harvest " I know you will enjoy this story of three generations of farmers During the outbreak of WW2. Janice Villeverde and her friend Miriam Nixon are sent to Wildacre Farm in the New York Estate. it is there that they are put to work along with many others to help the war effort. it is there that they meet up with young Thomas Hogg who introduces the girls to his friend George Barrett. After a brief courtship Janice finds herself in trouble and George Barrett sends her away when she tells him. Forced to bring up a child on her own Janice swears revenge on the man who wronged her. Before the Harvest gives you an insight of how a farm worked during the war years; a story of love hate and revenge.


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William returned from the field then went to the sink and washed up. “Cora! He shouted. There was no answer.

William took a tee towel and dried his hands. He felt the tea pot which was hot he grabbed himself his pot then poured it to the top he put in a splash of milk then stirred it round with the spoon.

He smacked his lips together after taking a sip; he would have to go out again tonight. Since the war had started he had been asked to join a secret group who we responsible for laying traps in the woods and they had exercises where they re-enacted scenario’s.  The German’s who were set to invade Britain posed a serious threat to farmers and the countryside. They had to be ready for any eventuality. They had to be prepared to kill the enemy? Blow up tanks or fuel dumps.

William had even signed the official secrets act and was not allowed to discuss it with anyone not even his own family.

Cora was in the shed where concealed in there, was a radio unbeknown to her husband. She too was part of the resistance movement.

“Mother Hen, calling Wild Goose over;

“Go ahead mother hen is there anything to report?

“There was one German plane shot down about five miles away but nothing happening here.

“Thank you Mother Hen; over and out.”

Cora recovered the radio after switching it off and closed the door behind her.

If the Germans did invade and the radio found then it was probable that she and her entire family would be shot.

She retuned to the kitchen where her husband asked where she had been.”

“Can’t a woman go to the toilet without there being a court of enquiry?

“What’s for dinner love I’m hungry?’

“Wont be love; I made a meat and potato pie. With the tin of spam we were given in the ration books.”

Bloody spam! Damn this bloody war I will be glad when this war is over and we can get a joint of beef or pork.’

“Everybody’s the same William at least we have plenty of fresh vegetables.”

“I will become a vegan at this rate.

“What have I got for my bait tomorrow, and don’t tell me bloody spam?

“Can we not get dinner over before you think about what you’re eating for tomorrow’s lunch?

“I made some cheese last week so you can take some of that with an apple and some fresh bread.”

“I miss my roast beef sandwiches.”

“Well there’s a war on if you didn’t know William Hogg; you’re not the only one suffering you know.

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