The Great Gatsby - The Free Study Guide

This book will help you collect notes for "The Great Gatsby" and is completely Free!
This is at a SQA* Higher, but will be helpful to those studying Gatsby anyway.
I do hope you enjoy this book and will use it to your advantage.

Early Access has been enabled, so if you wish to have this, you can contact me and I will have it sent your way.

*SQA - Scottish Qualifications Authority


2. Character Notes & Index of Character Notes

In this first section of the book, we will look at the character notes. These notes will be about each individual character in the novel, from Gatsby to Daisy. These notes will include:

>Nick Carroway

>Daisy Buchanan

>Tom Buchanan

>Jay Gatsby

>Jordan Baker

>Myrtle Wilson


>Conflict between Tom & Gatsby


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