Deleted (A Markiplier x Reader Fanfiction)

You were just another awkward fangirl, with another cliché as to how you stumbled upon Markiplier on YouTube, who saved you from killing yourself. Even you sometimes wondered if you were lying because it sounded so cliché.
You moved out of your parent's house, finally. Never have you seen Mark in public before, never have you even had enough money. All you had was your YouTube 'career,' as you called it. You barely had enough subscribers to make it a full-time job. Not that you were complaining. You liked how it felt like a family.
Not even a day after moving in, you find out that it's the same apartment Mark lives in. You can smell the cliché-esque scent a mile away, from whatever lair creates fanfiction ideas. At first glance, it seemed pretty cliché. But, after you got to know each other, it didn't seem so. And that isn't an understatement or a lie- it's the legit truth.


6. Screw my life...

"I'm so sorry," I shut off the camera immediately, knowing he might not want his relationship out on YouTube. "I'll just leave."
"(YN)!" Before I can see his face, the girl's face, I hurry out of the room. I slammed the door behind me, to at least try and give me time to lock my door. Thankfully, it helped, and I got the door locked as I fell onto the floor.
"(YN)!" He starts pounding on the door, but I can't hear it. I can't hear anything. All I know is that I'm in the floor, probably crying. It doesn't even register to me that my furniture is here finally, or wonder where my Starbucks went.
"Get the freak away!" I shout, sniffing. "I don't want to talk to you, okay! Just go back to your little girliplier. And by the way," I hear him stop before he gets to his door. "Next time you're not interested, please tell me instead of making me look like an idiot."
With that, I fall asleep. I think, at least. I don't even dream, all I do is lie still, wondering what I missed.
"Hey guys," I say solemnly into the camera. "Something popped up, something that's bugging me. I need to deal with some things... sorry for the short vlog. I'll let you know through Twitter if I'm uploading any other videos today."
With that, I just end the recording, not caring about the outro. I already knew this was only going to be a five minute video, at best. I don't even think I was going to record much when I went to see Danyelle....I might just bail. It's rude, I know, but I just needed time to myself. Time to set up my new life, instead of worrying about friends or boyfriends. God, I was so naive to think Mark and I could ever be a thing...
My phone dinged again, and I managed to see it was a YouTube notification. Mark uploaded...
I don't even know why I clicked on it. Why I would make myself watch the video, entitled 'Me Begging to a Ghost.' It was directed towards me, I knew it as soon as I saw the thumbnail. Before anything though, I called Danyelle.
"I'm sorry, but I can't make it." I told her after a single ring. "Something happened."
"Mark, wasn't it?" I nodded as if she was here. "Look, (YN), don't worry about it. Just watch the video. That's all I want you to do."
"No, I also want your address." Too tired to be funny, I told her the address and went back to my recording room. Soon I'd have to take down the table and chair and set up the furniture, but it's almost eight at night and would probably wake anybody. 
Distantly, I could hear Mark talking in the other room. He wasn't recording though, he was talking to a person. Curious, I put my head up to the wall, listening in on his conversation.
"Look, I told you already. Leave me alone, leave her alone," He sounded angry, upset even. I bet he was talking to someone on Skype.
"But we're meant to be together!" Nope... not Skype. It was the girl- my sister. I wasn't even stunned to be honest. 
"Get it through your thick skull- we are too different, you being a psycho." I'd never heard Mark speak like to this anyone. It might scare someone else, but not me. My sister deserved this.
"Fine, Mark. Don't say I didn't warn you." With that, I hear the door slam closed. Then his apartment door slam closed, loudly. I hurry into the living room, a small smile playing on my face, and start unboxing the couch.
"(YN)," There's a knock at my door- Danyelle.
"Come inside!" I call, taking out the pieces. "And be prepared to be on YouTube... I'm ready to start my career."

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