Deleted (A Markiplier x Reader Fanfiction)

You were just another awkward fangirl, with another cliché as to how you stumbled upon Markiplier on YouTube, who saved you from killing yourself. Even you sometimes wondered if you were lying because it sounded so cliché.
You moved out of your parent's house, finally. Never have you seen Mark in public before, never have you even had enough money. All you had was your YouTube 'career,' as you called it. You barely had enough subscribers to make it a full-time job. Not that you were complaining. You liked how it felt like a family.
Not even a day after moving in, you find out that it's the same apartment Mark lives in. You can smell the cliché-esque scent a mile away, from whatever lair creates fanfiction ideas. At first glance, it seemed pretty cliché. But, after you got to know each other, it didn't seem so. And that isn't an understatement or a lie- it's the legit truth.


1. Moving In

(SN) Subscriber name
(YN) Your name
(UN) Username

This kinda sucked. I mean, I'm glad I found this great of an apartment at such a cheap price, but having to carry all these boxes up was annoying. Even if I used the elevator.
This place I hope lasts a while. Two bedrooms, a kitchen, bathroom and a living room was very extravagant for someone with my income. It's not as if I'm the richest person- even those rare occasions I do sponsored videos, I put most of that my towards food. And gaming and vlogging equipment. Not that I needed anymore.
Finally though, I had all the boxes set up in the small kitchen and living room area. For the amount of stuff I had, it fit nicely in to about ten boxes. The rest of it I'd buy later. Right now, I just had to get my recording room ready and get a vlog out. Before anything, I had to let my (SN) know where I have been the past few days.
I start suffling through boxes, trying to remember which one I put my vlog camera in. Of course, I never thought to label the boxes. Silly me...
"Aha!" I shouted joyfully, taking out my digital camera. "Nobody escapes from me!"
I turn it in quickly, turning the screen around, making sure I don't have bad hair (so conceited, I know) and the clicking the record button.
"Hello, my lovelies! (UN) here, and today you will see my new apartment!" 
My lips curve into a wide smile, before flipping the camera over and starting the tour. First the plain living room, with the fantastic view, then the kitchen, taking just enough time to marvel over the beautiful fridge. Afterwards, we quickly scope over the two bedrooms before I decide to end the vlog.
"I guess that's it. Hopefully you guys will help me decide which room to use for recording videos. It's a hard decision. Anyways, see you soon, peace!" I make a peace sign, smiling again, and clicking the off button.
Suddenly, there's a huge crash from next door. Instantly I feel worried about who it could be and if they're okay, but then annoyance comes through. I can't record if there's always going to be banging next door! I contemplate wether if I should see if they're okay, and I decide to. It'd be a good first impression, right?
But he or she could be a complete freak... but they could be badly hurt... this is why I never make decisions!
I quickly do ennie meenie minie mo, landing on my first choice, and I hurry outside. I knock on the door quickly, just so I can't change my mind. I can hear a muffled "I'll be right there!" Followed by another crash, and I wonder if I could hurry back, but right as I'm about to leave the door opens.
"Friend me," I shake my head, not believing who's in front of me. "I must have ate some bad food..."
Mark shakes his head, and I wonder if I am dreaming. In no way could I ever get this much detail in a man I've never met before.
"Don't you dare mention that game," He sighs. "Who are you?"
"Just a random creepy stalker wondering if I could break into your house," I look away, ready feeling my hands shake. 
"Well, my response is no." I look back quickly to see him smiling.
"How about if I can ask if you're okay?"
"Yes, to both questions." He looks at me again, and I can see curiosity in his eyes. "Who are you, though?"
"My name's (YN)." I reply, smiling that I finally get to meet him. The man that saved my life, the man that gave me back my sanity.
"Well, nice to meet you (YN.)" He grins as I feel my phone vibrate and I quickly grab it, to see a notification from YouTube. 
'Markiplier has uploaded a video'
"Thanks," I reply, making a mental note to watch it later. "For your kind contributions to society."
For what I think is the first time ever, he laughs at my jokes. No one ever laughs at my jokes.
"I'm shocked, Mr. Fischbach," I say dramatically. "How could someone such as yourself, laugh at my pitiful jokes?"
"What's the supposed to mean?"
"Well, you have an insane amount of sassiness, bitchiness and just, well, Markiplier-ness." I say, counting them off my fingers. "Basically meaning you're epic."
Mark grins at that, and a Skype notification goes off.
"I'm sorry, Wade is just talking to me. Do you want to come in?" He looks back at me, and for a second I think I'm making myself see hope in his eyes.
"You are inviting a crazy stranger into your house?" I ask him, wanting to say yes, but making sure he knows the risks. "Especially a crazy-fangirl-stranger."
"Well," He says, mimicking me. "You seem funny, close to sane and cool." I blush intensely, but slipping in. This might have just made the YouTube video slip out of my mind.

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