Deleted (A Markiplier x Reader Fanfiction)

You were just another awkward fangirl, with another cliché as to how you stumbled upon Markiplier on YouTube, who saved you from killing yourself. Even you sometimes wondered if you were lying because it sounded so cliché.
You moved out of your parent's house, finally. Never have you seen Mark in public before, never have you even had enough money. All you had was your YouTube 'career,' as you called it. You barely had enough subscribers to make it a full-time job. Not that you were complaining. You liked how it felt like a family.
Not even a day after moving in, you find out that it's the same apartment Mark lives in. You can smell the cliché-esque scent a mile away, from whatever lair creates fanfiction ideas. At first glance, it seemed pretty cliché. But, after you got to know each other, it didn't seem so. And that isn't an understatement or a lie- it's the legit truth.


2. I'm Crazy

As soon as he takes me back to his recording room, I want to touch everything. To see how good his keyboard is, if his screen is HD. These things are tedious, I know, but they're the ones that are the most important.
"Welcome to the lair of Mark," He says dramatically, holding his hands up.
"Sounds biblical," I murmur, but I know he can hear.
Suddenly, notif after notif streams in on Skype, alarming me.
"Dear God!" I shout, acting as if I have a sword and pointing it at the computer. "How dare you threaten me!"
"God does have the choice of threatening you..." I slap him across the arm, as if we're best friends. I wish.
"Please answer those..." I tell him, not wanting for him to get distracted. It's just me, afterall. And that isn't sarcastic.
"No, it's fine." He looks over quickly. "It's just some random messages. They aren't important."
"And I am?"
"Obviously, otherwise I wouldn't have invited you in." I look at him, before he realises what he said. 
"Thanks, Mark. Everyone loves when you say something that shouldn't be said!"
Mark just shakes his head. His face is bright red.
"Hey, it's not that big a deal." He nods again. It wasn't that big a deal to be honest... it wasn't.
"Look, I literally just moved in," I started to explain. "So would it be okay if I could come over for dinner? I don't have enough money to order pizza, and I'm too lazy to go to the grocery store."
With this, he perks up.
"Of course, I mean, I've got nothing else to do. Hey, maybe you could even join me in a stream."
At that, I start thinking. I am a fangirl, so I know how they'd act. They'd attack me, because of course they would think we're dating...
"We'll see." Is all I say. "See you later, what time? I need to make sure I don't get caught up in decorating."
"How about seven?"
"It's a deal," I was about to say date, but that's crazy. And jinxing it.

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