Deleted (A Markiplier x Reader Fanfiction)

You were just another awkward fangirl, with another cliché as to how you stumbled upon Markiplier on YouTube, who saved you from killing yourself. Even you sometimes wondered if you were lying because it sounded so cliché.
You moved out of your parent's house, finally. Never have you seen Mark in public before, never have you even had enough money. All you had was your YouTube 'career,' as you called it. You barely had enough subscribers to make it a full-time job. Not that you were complaining. You liked how it felt like a family.
Not even a day after moving in, you find out that it's the same apartment Mark lives in. You can smell the cliché-esque scent a mile away, from whatever lair creates fanfiction ideas. At first glance, it seemed pretty cliché. But, after you got to know each other, it didn't seem so. And that isn't an understatement or a lie- it's the legit truth.


3. Dinnertime!

(SN) Sister name
(FP) Favorite Pizza

As soon as I got back to the apartment, I started setting up my gaming room. I had managed to upload the video via my laptop, and everyone has been saying to use the smaller one. I was going to use no matter what, but it's nice to know that we think alike.
For a gaming setup, mine is pretty simple. The only two pieces of furniture I brought with me was a folding chair and a platic table, simply so I could set up this room. A week ago I ordered some things from Ikea, so it should be here soon. For now, I'd be sleeping on the floor, which really isn't that bad.
Suddenly, making me jump, my phone starts ringing. Fuming, I see who it is, I click the button and let her speak.
"(YN)!" My sister screams. "Mark is playing with someone on the stream, someone new! What if it's his girliplier, I'd be so happy for him! He deserves an amazing person that accepts him and his floof!"
"(SN)," I reply calmly. "I have to tell you something. But you HAVE to keep it to yourself. Not twitter, not insta. Not even on snapchat."
She sighs, getting annoyed. "Okay, I promise. Now tell me!"
I breath in once, and spill. "I'm that person."
For a few seconds, it's quiet. I get ready too late, and suddenly there's screaming coming from my cellphone. I drop the phone in surprise, landing something and suddenly turns to speaker phone. No clue what it is, but I must kill it.
"(YN)!" She shouts, right as I turn off speaker, afraid someone might come and pound on my door. "You have to let me come over!"
"No I don't!" I tell her. "I swear if you come over I will kill you mirthlessly. Begone, foul being!" With that, I end the call. Boy, do I sometimes hate my family.
As soon as I plug in my setup, I hear Markiplier on the other side of the wall. I crawl closer and push my ear up to it, and I can hear Mark laughing.
"Sorry guys, my new neighbor is just one crazy girl..." I grin at that, wondering what he's playing right now.
"Actually, you might meet her tonight. That is, if she is okay with it. She might not do it..." I can hear clicking for a while before he goes back to his commentary.
He talked about me. He didn't say my name but MARK was talking about ME on camera. I can't believe this was happening!
Later that night, after I unpacked everything I could, I went over to Mark's, just ten minutes late. Gotta keep them on their toes, right? No? Okay...
"You're late." Mark says jokingly serious.
"No, you were late. I was just simply early." We both smile at that, before he ushers me in. To be honest, as it stands now, I don't think it'd be bad to join him on the stream.
"What's for dinner?" I ask curiously, not smelling anything.
"Ordered pizza," I grin at him, ready to eat. We're alike in a lot of ways.
"What kind?"
"One is meat supreme, the other is (FP)," I nod my head, glad he got my favorite. That's kinda funny, actually.
"When are we starting the stream then?"
"In..." He looks down at his phone. "A minute, literally."
"Thanks..." We go back to his recording room to find the stream, already filled, and people wondering where Mark is.
"You might wanna stay out of the camera," He points to his webcam, which I am about to be right in front of.
"Thanks," I grab a chair and pull up, making sure to steer clear of the camera.
Mark then turns on his mic, and that's when the stream begins. I watch the chat, it being my favorite, and point out some of my favorite ones. Most of the usernames are 'markimoo' or 'girliplier,' which kind of annoys me. I am one of these obnoxious fangirls.
When I come across one certain username, I scream.
"How dare she!"
Mark looks over at me, concerned, and I point to my sister's username. 'Infidentrayofblack.'
"That's my sister, who is obsessed with you." Well, I can't really talk.
Suddenly, that chat is filled with 'who's that' and 'she must die!' Messages. To be honest, I'm even more annoyed. I scoot my chair over, look directly in the camera, and start my first rant for YouTube.
"I don't understand why everyone freaks out when a guy has a friend that is a girl," This is actually something that has been bugging me for a while. "I mean, everyone is okay with gay ships, such as Phan and Troyler. Why can't you be cool with guy and girl ships?"
I watch the chat more, since it's slowing down. My sister is saying that I am her sister and she's so proud.
"That doesn't mean we're dating," I need to resolve this. "It just means I'm sad that the Canada on the internet, this group, isn't as accepting when it comes to girls hanging with Mark. It's sexist, you know?"
I look over to see Mark looking quite... I don't know, like he agrees? I smile at him, and the game. I forgot what the stream was about.
"Now, get back to your game. I'm gonna go see if the pizza's here." I slip out of the chair, but Mark grabs my hand before I can slip out of the room. Butterflies appear suddenly in my stomach, and I know what that means.
"Thanks, (YN)." He smiles at me. "The fans just get protective of me."
"I know," I reply with a smile. "I mean, I am one. Remember?"
"Is that why you shouted at the stream?" I nod my head, still grinning.
"Yeah..." I hear a knock on the apartment door, therefore meaning I have to leave. Ugh, as much as I love food, I also love watching videos.
"I'll be back!" I shout, leaving the recording room. Right there, was probably the worst mistake I could've made.

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