En lille engelsk historie

Jeg har fået fortalt denne historie i en anime (Japansk tegnefilm). Og jeg elsker den. Jeg her skrevet den på Engelsk, så bær lidt over med mig.


1. The most foolish traveler in the world


 Once upon a time. 
A traveler walked into a town. There he meets an old woman, begging for money. " Please I need money for medicine ", the traveler gave the woman all his money. 

The traveler keeps walking and then he sees a little girl crying. " My brother is freezing on his feets ". The traveler took his shoes off and gave them to the little girl. 

The traveler walked past a farm, where a man looked sad over his cornfield. " I'm not gonna survive in the winter, it's too cold ". The traveler took his clothes off and gave it to the farmer. 

The traveler walked into the wood and saw a woodsman. " Help me, I live far away and I don't have food ". The traveler took his bag off and gave the woodsman his bag. 

Then the traveler walked around, naked, with no money, no food and nothing to wear. 

But the traveler kept walking and walked longer in the dark wood

There the traveler meets a gobbling. " I'm so hungry, do you have food? ", but the gobbling could see that the traveler didn´t have anything. " Well then give me your arm and legs", because the traveler was so foolish, he let the gobbling eat him. Then the gobbling ate the travelers arms, legs, body and even the eyes. While the gobbling ate the travelers eyes, the gobbling left the traveler a note where there stood " Fool ", the gobbling laughed and said. " Thanks, for your kindness I will give you this present ". The traveler smiled and said, " thank you, thank you I'm so happy, no one has ever given me anything back ". When the gobbling left. The traveler started to cry, Even that he didn't have eyes, he still cried but it was not tears of sadness, it was tears of happiness.  And then, the traveler died with a smile on his face. 

The traveler has been fooled by everyone, but he still smiled. He wanted to help. Just as long he could help, he was happy. 

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