Don't Tell

"You will never get away from me. You will never escape me" He sneered. I pressed my face against the wall, trying to her away from his alcohol stained breath. He snatched my blonde hair and yanked, causing me to cry out in pain.

Yet the man chuckled as if this were all a game.

"Why are you doing this to me?"I whimpered.

"Because everything is your fault"

My gaze dropped to the ground, but he snatched my chin "Your a stupid little girl. After everything you've done, you think anybody will ever love you?" He laughed once more "You're wrong" He pushed me away causing me to fall to the ground "Make dinner" He growled before walking away


2. Chapter 1

The sunlight shone through the curtains, illuminating my blonde hair, and causing me to open my eyes with a groan. 

 "It's morning already?" I sighed looking over. I guess it is.

As I sat up events from the night before ran through my mind. My dad my mom, Ashton, Michael, Luke, Calum, Niall, Harry, Liam, Louis and Zayn. 
       At the though of the boys a blush rose on my cheeks.

"Come one Avril you can do better than that!" Ashton's voice echoed through my mind.

"Yeah, it's only a ball that you have to hit before it hits the ground and you earn a point for the other team, and then everybody yells at you" Michael said as if it were the easiest game in the world.

"Thanks Mikey, you definitely just made volleyball much easier" I said my voice heavy with sarcasm. 

Michael smirked and didn't answer.

"AVRIL!!" My father yelled, snapping me from the though of my only friends, as well as causing my stomach to do a flip.

"Coming!" I called as my mind swirled,  what had I done this time?Maybe I got a bad grade, maybe I forgot to do something, maybe he just felt like yelling. I really hoped the last one was the right answer as I got up and went down the stairs.

"Why do you keep getting to class late?" He seethed. 

"Um, well.. I-" I sighed "I don't know" I finally mumbled, looking at the ground.

"You don't know?" He chuckled. Uh oh. "How do you not fucking know?" He struck out with his hand, the blow going straight across my head and causing me to stumble "Well I suggest you figure it out, and get to your damn classes on time. Otherwise you'll receive much more than a slap"

I nodded "I will" Then I turned and quickly headed back up the stairs, back to my bedroom. 

I honestly can't wait until I get out of this hellhole. I try my best everyday to do just as he asks, try to please him, but it never works. And he isn't even my real father. I ran a hand through my hair as I let my blue eyes scan the room, I don't know what I expected to find, it's not like there will magically be a small doorway for me to escape from and live a happy life with people who actually care.
        I sighed as I grabbed my white homework folder and started to work on it. Honestly most of it was easy, it was just math. I felt as if I might as well have been trying to read hieroglyphics to somebody without being able to talk.
     I sighed as I finally put it away and went down the stairs ,to make dinner, since god knows if I don't do it then it'll never get done and I'll have to starve. 
       When I got there I looked around for a moment before deciding to start with making some kind of meat. As I looked around I quickly discovered that we didn't have anything besides turkey.

"Hello second thanksgiving" I mumbled as I pulled out and my phone and played Sleeping With Sirens's "Kick Me" 


So, as seen, I deleted the other chapters. Sorry. But to make up for it, I made a different chapter. And also, sorry for not updating regularly, I haven't been in the writing mood lately, but I'll try. Make sure to check out my other story "Your Like Snow Beautiful But Cold" Like it maybe, heart it. Leave feed back? Or even follow me? I'll follow back. Any way, I'm sorry so yeah. :)

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