hood ; sequel

Sequel to Hoodlums


8. Chapter 8

 "Calum!" i moaned, and ran downstairs, to see him in the kitchen. "Calum, why're you mad at me?" i ask, he turns his attention to me, and starts to speak. "What'd you do in Gym?" he asks "i won the game for us" i answered, truthfully. "did you talk to him, flirt with him in any way?" he asks, i move closer to him , and shake my head. "Calum, i wouldn't ever" i hold the side of his face, and he looks down. "i'm sorry baby" he mumbles, i nod my head, and softly press my lips against his, he moves his hands around my back, and i hold his face with both of my hands.
"Now, let's go" he whispers. "go...where?" i sat there confused. "we have to go meet this Zayn" he smirks, i shake my head, and try not to smile, but i can't hold it back. i bite my lip, and take his hand, as he walks us to the car. We start driving, and once we get to the school i see Harry, and Louis. "Hold on babe" i kiss his cheek, and open the door, to the car, which is still moving, oops... i hop out, and run up to Harry, and Louis. "Heeeey" i say, they hug me, and we start talking about our first day. Just as Harry starts talking about his day, we hear a guy shout, all three of us run towards it, and there he was
Calum Hood, beating Zayn.

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