hood ; sequel

Sequel to Hoodlums


7. Chapter 7

"i missed you" he glanced at me, and went to grab my hand, he held my hand, but soon let go. "What's this?" he asked, puling the note Zayn gave to me, and reading it.
"Who's Zayn?" Calum pulled into the driveway. "i don't know, he's been checking me out, and he gave me that note when i was in the office, why what does it say?" i ask, leaning over to read it, he moves, it away. "you haven't read it?" he asked, "no, what does it saaaay?" i whined, he opened the door, and walked up to the house, not saying a word to me.
"Hey Dylan, you're back!" Mikey shouted as i walked through the front door, Calum walked right passed us, amd went upstairs. 
"what's wrong with him?" he asked. "i don't know, this boy gave me a note before i left, and Calum read it, and didn't tell me" i said a starting to worry. "what'd it say?" Michael asked "i don't even know! i didn't even read it" i pouted, and Michael pulled me into a hug. "you'll be fine" he said. 
I walked upstairs, and into mine and Calum's room, i saw him sitting on the edge of the bed, looking down at the note. "Babe?" i sit down next to him "Cal, can you tell me what it says?" i whisper to him. "Here, you can read it yourself" he rolls his eyes, and walks out the room.

Good Job today in gym,
meet me after school behind the school, at 4
-Zayn xo

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