hood ; sequel

Sequel to Hoodlums


6. Chapter 6

I was in my last class, and i received a text message from Calum.

From: Babe
Where are yoooooou? When are you coming home. i miss you :(  come back soon...

I sighed, and started to text him back.
To: Babe

In School, and i miss you too babe. You can come, and pick me up at 3, no earlier, and i mean it Hood.

I focused on the teacher, i was in Math, so far i was getting it pretty easily. Just as i was about to ask a question, i heard the intercom come on.
"Mr. Phillips do you have Dylan Parker?"
"Yes ma'am i do" he shouted up to the roof.
"Send her to the office, she'll be leaving." she said through the intercom once more.
i stood up, and walked out of the classroom, i put all of my stuff into my locker, and got all of my homework, and shoved it into my book bag, then started to make my way down to the office. I spotted Niall out the corner of my eye, and he was hugging a blonde girl, i kept walking. Don't want to intrude. 
I walked into the office, and saw Zayn, he was walking out, and walked past me, our shoulders slid against each other, and he handed me a note, once he was out the lady at the desk spoke up "you're ride is outside" she said, i walked out, and saw Calum waiting for me, i rolled my eyes playfully, as i approached the car, and he opened the door for me. "Hello Sweet Cheeks, i hope that was the worst day ever, because you're never going there again" he said, sticking out a pouty lip. "it was actually pretty...different" i said, kissing his cheek, as he drove out of the school parking lot. 

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