hood ; sequel

Sequel to Hoodlums


3. Chapter 3

"Hello, you must me Ms. Parker, I'm Mr. Tomlinson, and my son will show you around, here's your schedule, and your locker combination, have a wonderful first day" he smiles, I return it, then walk out with his son.
"Hi, my names Louis" he says in a deep British accent. 
"My names Dylan, that was your dad?" I ask.
"Yeah, my dad told me you went to jail, is that true?" He asks, I was shocked. What kind of principal does that?
"Uh..y-" I was cut off by a boy running up to Louis, I swear he looked familiar.
"Oh my god Lou! That project was due today?! Why didn't you tell me?" The boy said also in a deep British accent.
"Sorry, but I'm showing Dylan, the new girl, around" he points to me, and I wave, to the boy.
He stares at me, eyebrows furrowed, then his brows rise, and he goes wide-eyed, and his jaw dropped "Vi?" 

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