hood ; sequel

Sequel to Hoodlums


27. Chapter 27

I woke up, it was eight in the morning, Dylan was asleep, i quietly snuck out the door. The cold air hit my face, and sent chills down my back. I walked down the street, and saw a small flower shop, i went inside and bought a dozen red, adn white roses. 
I bought chocolates from the store next door. I walked down a few blocks, and a shelter caught my eye. In the front window was a small golden puppy. "Aww" i blushed at the way he scratched at the glass. 
"Calum Hood doglover?" i heard someone chuckle behind me, i turned around and saw Dylan. "What're you doing here?" i asked, hiding the flowers and chocolates behind me. "Who're they for?" she looked down and kicked a rock. 
I held her chin up with my hand, and kissed her softly. "They're for you" she smiled, then looked away. 
"This is for you" she pulled out a ring. "My promise ring" i smiled as she slipped it on to my hand, and intertwined our fingers. "You know, i've always wanted a dog" she chuckled, and pulled me into the shelter.
We were walking the dog home, we named it Max. "I love you" she whispered to me, laying her head on my shoulder.
"i love you" i said, and that was the day things started to become normal, we threw away our past, and all of us lived on, happy, normal, lives. 
-10 years later-
"I love you" she giggled, "I love you too Hood" i smiled, and kissed the ring that hugged her left ring finger, and the forehead of our 8-year old daughter, Bailey.

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