hood ; sequel

Sequel to Hoodlums


26. Chapter 26


"Dylan Parker, we have a lot of news for you, and it may take a while to process" she said, walking me over to the couches, and sitting me down.

"Dylan, the two people you thought of as your parents, were actually your aunt and uncle, who, thanks to Calum Hood, we've finally caught them. They murdered your real parents, and took you in as their child. Veronica Johnson is your mothers twin sister, that's why you two look so alike, and you also have a twin, Luke Hemmings. We found your mothers body a few hours ago. Your father was murdered when you were three, and Veronica's husband kidnapped you, and took you away from your mother." She said, bringing even more tears to my eyes. 

"My mother, sh-she's dead?" I ask.
"Sadly, she is, we found her out cold behind an old bar" the woman says.
"So I have no parents, just a brother" I say.
"Yes, we found your brother upstairs, sleeping" she says, I nod, and she walks away. 

Calum walks over to me. "Hey baby" he holds me, until the police disappear.

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