hood ; sequel

Sequel to Hoodlums


25. Chapter 25

blue and red lights flash through the windows, following officers barging into the house. "Dave Johnson, and Veronica Johnson you're under arrest" and he went on, I let out a sigh, and stood there, hugging myself. "Dylan?" I hear someone whisper, I turn and see Calum. 
"Cal" I cry, and he takes me into his arms. "Baby, I am so sorry for everything that has happened" he whispers into my ear, as we separate.
"Dylan, I was hoping I'd never have to see you, while wearing my uniform ever again, thank the lord that didn't come true" Officer Henry grinned to me, I tried to force a smile, but I broke out into more tears, and he held me close to his chest.
"Shh, I know it's hard" he whispered "Having the only woman you trusted, and loved turn against you, but life will get better, okay? I promise it will" he held me in his embrace, until another officer came up. 

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