hood ; sequel

Sequel to Hoodlums


24. Chapter 24

The man walks through the door, as he turns the corner, he's greeted with my gun in between his eyes.

"Vi" he says astonished.

"Where's your mother?" And just as he says that, a cold shiver runs up my back, and my mother walks out behind him, pointing a gun at me.
"Mom" I whimper, dropping the gun to my side.

"Violet where're the boys?" She asks, emotionless.

"They're out, partying" I lied, and looked back, Calum was gone.

"Good" she smirks, and her eyes glistened from the light shining through the windows.

"Mommy" I whimper again, letting tears fall. "You're helping him" I whisper, she smiles.

"We're Bonnie And Clyde babe, you just got in the way" she cocks the gun back, and I cry out in fear.

"Mommy please!" I back into the kitchen, frightened, that the woman I've loved, and wished of having by my side, the only woman I ever trusted, was aiming a gun at my head, working with my father, who tried to rape me.

"I put you in jail to toughen you up, and maybe join your mother, and I" he says, as i quietly whimper.

"But that didn't happen, now we have to get rid of you" he mutters

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