hood ; sequel

Sequel to Hoodlums


22. Chapter 22

I look back at Dylan, as Casey is walking me out of the house, she has tears staining her cheeks, but nothing, she isn't showing sadness, or anger, there's nothing. 
As we walk outside, three boys are sitting next to each other, hugging, Michael's head pops up, and he shoots up. 

He rips me away from Casey "Who the fuck is this?!" he shouts, gripping on to the collar of my shirt "I'm his girlfriend" she answers, and I see Ashton, and Luke ball their fists.

"I said don't hurt her, and you're fucking cheating!" He shouts, swinging at me, Casey screams, and I glance, and there Dylan was, standing there, she turns, then walks back into the house, as the three boys beat the living shit out of me, and Casey drives off.

I sit up on the countertop looking in the mirror, with a glass of red wine, sipping it, until my mothers phone starts to ring, it's an unknown number, I answer. 
"Hello is this Bailey Parker?" The lady asks.

"No, this is Dylan Parker, Baileys not available at the moment" i say shakily.

"Okay, well can you please tell her that her husband is doing much better, and that he will be release from the hospital in a couple of days" the cheerful nurse says through the phone.

"Husband?" I question. 

"Yes, Dave Johnson" she says, and a cold shiver runs up my back.

"I'll tell her right away" I say coldly, "thank you" I say before I hang up.

 I slide the draw open, and take a gun out, then grab the bottle of wine, instead of the glass, I take a few gulps of it, then start to mess around with the gun, thinking how I'm going to get my revenge..

"Oh how I'll show you" I say coldly, cocking the gun back, grinning.

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