hood ; sequel

Sequel to Hoodlums


21. Chapter 21


I woke up, and giggled, because Michael was snoring. 

"Mikey, wake up" I shake him, and his eyes flutter open. 

"Good Morning" he yawns, "Good morning" I say back, then sit up.

 "Whatcha doin?" He asks. 
I can't believe what I'm seeing..
"What's wrong Dylan?" Mikey asks, I get up, and sprint downstairs, and out the front door.

 "Mom!" I scream, startling Luke. "Luke..where is she? What's happened!" I shout, falling down next to him. "She's gone" he says, emotionless "no" I whisper "no Luke, no she can't be! She can't be gone!" I shout, grabbing his shoulders.

 "She is" he looks up at me, and his eyes glistened, just like hers, they turned to a stormy gray, just how hers were.

"Dylan, we're twins" he says, I collapse into his arms, and he sits there motionless.

 "Mom, she said we're twins, she told me to tell you she loves you, and protect you" he says, shocked by everything that is happening.

"Dylan?" Ashton and Mikey come running out, and a car pulls up. 
"Hello, I'm looking for Calum" the girl says, me and Luke stand up "who are you?" He asks, "Casey," she says, my lips part, and I walk inside, without saying a word.

I bump into Calum as he's walking down the stairs "Dylan?" He questions "Good morning babe" he kisses my forehead. "What's wrong?" He asks, noticing my silence, or my face with tears falling down. "Casey's here" I say, showing no emotion.

"Dylan it's not what you think" he holds his hands up "I wasn't thinking anything of it" I coldly say. "Oh" he says, relieved. "Then what's wrong?" He asks, before I could say anything Casey walks in the house "babe!" She smiles, and gives Calum a hug, I stand back, giving them space. 

She pecks his lips, and intertwines their fingers "come on babe" she says, pulling at him, as they walk out the door, Calum looks at me, waiting for me to show him some kind of emotion, but I had nothing to show.

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