hood ; sequel

Sequel to Hoodlums


20. Chapter 20

I woke up, and saw Dylan in Michael's bed, and Ashton in his bed. I stood up, went into the bathroom, and was doing my business, until I heard glass shatter, I jumped, zipped my pants, and tip toed downstairs.
"Shut the fuck up, and let's go!" I heard someone whisper.
"Okay, okay, but don't hurt them, just take me, I..I love them all too much, I'll let you have me, if you leave them" I hear Dylan's mother say.
"Okay! Just lets go..Now!" The guys shouts. I see the guy, he has a gun, and a mask on. He carries Dylan's mom to the front door. "Mom!" I shout, running after her, the guy points the gun at me, and I freeze, holding my hands up.
"Don't!" She shouts, horrified "Luke, tell Dylan I love her, and her brother" she smiles through her tears. "Brother?" I question, she nods "You're her brother" she says "you're twins, I love you both" she says, before she the gun was at her head.
"Luke, go back upstairs" she orders "no, no! I can't" I say, tears streaming down my cheeks. "Luke you have to, please just keep your sister safe, I love both of you so much, tell Dylan she's a beautiful, strong girl, and she doesn't need me to help her change, because she doesn't need to" she pauses "I love you Luke, be there for her, Be there for each other, when the whole world turns, you two need to have each other's backs, I love you Luke" she says before her mouth is covered, and she's being pulled out the door. I run towards her, but the door slammed in my face, and by the time I got out there, she was gone.
"Mom.." I whisper in disbelief, my eyes were swollen by all the crying. "I love you too Mommy" I sob.

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