hood ; sequel

Sequel to Hoodlums


2. Chapter 2

"Dylaaaaan" I heard someone moan, and I had big arms wrapped around me, and soon had someone kissing my neck.
"Babe, come on, I can't have a hickey my first day" I turn, and wrap my arms around his neck.
"I don't want you to go" he pouts, and slides his hand up my shirt, and unclips my bra.
"Cal" I moan, as he starts sucking on my sweet spot.
"Stay here with me" he moaned against my skin.
"I'll be back soon" I whisper, and attach my lips to his, he grabs hold of my thighs, and lifts me up.
"Fuck, you're beautiful" he bites his lip, and lays me down on the bed.
"Now let me love you" he starts to grind on me, and I start to quietly whimper.
"Dylan! Hurry up you can't be late on your first day!" I hear my mom shout, I sigh, and I get up, and start to walk to the door, but it slammed in my face, and I was pushed against the wall, along with lips attaching to mine.
"If you're leaving me, I get a goodbye kiss" he whispers, and starts to forcefully kiss me, clipping my bra, then pulling apart.
"Okay my turn" I smile, and lightly press my lips against his, grab my phone, and start downstairs.
"Ready?" My mom asked, handing me my lunch.
"ready." I grab my lunch, and hop into my moms car.

We pulled up to the school, and I got out of the car, as my mom called out the window, "Have a good first day, I love you!" I turn, and tell her I love her, she drives off, and I turn back to the school.
"It can't be worse than the cell I was locked in for three years" i made my way to the office.

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