hood ; sequel

Sequel to Hoodlums


19. Chapter 19

I look over and see Calums asleep, I slip through his arms, and quietly tip toe into Luke's room. 
"Dylan?" Mikey questions, and runs over to me.
"Hey, I was just coming in to sleep with Luke" I whisper. "Come here, Luke's asleep" he walks over to his bed, and I follow, laying down next to him, in his warmth, he wraps his arms around me, kisses my forehead, then says "goodnight beautiful."
"Goodnight" I whisper into his chest, and my eyes flutter shut, sending me off into a deep sleep.
"I swear it was him" I said, tears forming in my mothers eyes.
"Mali, it can't be him" she says, covering her mouth.
"Mom, I saw him, he knew it was me, he even said his full name" I said, tears falling down both of our cheeks.
"He ran away, and committed Mali, you can't change that with a made up story" she says, now bawling.
"Mommy, I promise it was him, he was there, it was him, he didn't commit" I say, also bawling.
"I wanna see him" she says, I nod, and she takes me into her loving arms, and we cry together.
It's just me and my mother, my father went off, and cheated on my mother, and my brother we thought ran away, and committed, but now I know he's alive.

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