hood ; sequel

Sequel to Hoodlums


18. Chapter 18

“Just get out! Leave her! I got it!” I hear Mali yell from inside the bathroom, then she slams the door in Luke’s  face. “You!” Michael shouts, grabbing me by my collar. “Me?” I question, and he slams my body into the wall, I let out a groan. These guys are tough.
“What’d you do!?” Michael shouts “I..” I stammer, and Ashton punches a hole in the wall, beside my head. “What the hell did you do!” Ashton shouts. “I don’t know” “Guys back off” Luke says, calmly. “I know what happened” he looks down. Crap, what the hell is happening?
“Well.. Tell us!” Ashton shouts. “She saw a message on Calum’s phone, and it must've been bad" he says. Michael lets go of my shirt, and looks me dead in the eye. "if you fucking hurt her, you're dead" he says. "what'd she see? i haven't done anything that would hurt her." i say, and Mali comes out, looks at me, shakes her head, then comes up close to me "who is Casey" she whispered, harshly. "Casey?" i act oblivious, then Dylan walks out, she looked pretty neutral to me, not upset, angry, just beautiful, which makes this even harder. "Mali back off" Mali obeys, and Dylan walks up to me. "Dyl, what's going on?" i asked, caressing her cheek, she moves out of my reach. "Calum who the fuck is-" Ashton shouts, but Dylan cuts him off. 
"Am i in a fucking conversation right now?! Back off, it's my relationship Ashton!" she shouts, her face turns a light pink, and she clenches her jaw. "Sorry Dyl" he backs off, and she turns towards me. 
"I love you Cal" she simply says, and i grin "i love you too babe" i kiss her forehead, and we walk out of the room, leaving everyone else. We walk into our room, and start watching movies, and cuddling. 

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