hood ; sequel

Sequel to Hoodlums


17. Chapter 17

i walked out of the shower, and started to dry off, when i walked out Dylan wasn't there, and my phone was shattered on the ground. I picked it up, and couldn't even see the screen, because of how bad the damage was. I walked downstairs, with a towel wrapped around my waist, and i heard someone knock on the door. I went, and opened the door. I didn't believe what i saw..
"Hi" she said. "Hi" i whisper, breathless. "Is Dylan home?" she asks. She doesn't even recognize me.
"uh..yeah hold on" i say, and as i turn, i see Dylan.
"Dylan" i heard the girl at the door say "him?" i hear her whisper, and Luke takes Dylan upstairs, i turns toward the girl, confused, and soon i  fell to the ground. She punched my jaw. "Shit" i mumble. 
“bastard” she spits out, and kicks my side. “Mali” I cough, and she snaps her head towards me.
“how do you know my name?” she asks. “it’s Cal” I say, as I stand up. “Calum?” she questions.
“Calum Thomas Hood, Mali, please don’t tell me you forgot me” I say tears forming in my eyes.
“I’m sorry, but the only way I know you is, because of Dylan” she says, then jogs up the stairs.
Soon I follow her. What’s wrong with Dylan? I ask myself, I walk through Luke’s room, and see Michael holding his hands up in defense, as Luke falls onto him, and Ashton comes, and helps them up.

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