hood ; sequel

Sequel to Hoodlums


16. Chapter 16

Just then I felt something vibrate, Calum pulled out his phone, and smiled a bit, then turned his attention towards me "What?" I ask, he bites his lip, ignores my question, and presses his lips against mine.
Later that night Calum was in the shower, and I was searching radio stations trying to find a decent song, and I heard a vibration, I jumped, and picked up Calum's phone, and saw a message from 'Casey' I swiped it, and saw her message.

From: Casey
You are great. Tonight sound good? 
Or is she with you? Should we do it another night? 

My jaw dropped, and I dropped his phone, shattering it. I ran into Ashton, Luke, and Michael's room, and collapsed next to Luke on his bed.
"Hey hey what happened?" He asked, sitting me up, letting me lay on his chest. "I don't want to talk about it, but can I sleep with you tonight?" I ask, he nods "of course Dyl" I lay down, and pull the covers over me, fighting tears. 
What does this mean?

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