hood ; sequel

Sequel to Hoodlums


14. Chapter 14

We both stood up as Lena chuckled. We walked to the side of the house, i walked out a little further, not facing Zayn, and once i turned around to tell him i have a boyfriend, i was pinned to the side of the house, and Zayn was all over me, i squirmed in his grip.
'don't do it Dylan, don't bring her back' i say to myself, but i start to think of Calum, and now wishing that he had put this guy in the hospital, and before he sticks his tongue, i kneed him in the balls, and he went down, and i took his shoulder, and started to punch him several times in the face, and soon enough he was on the ground coughing up blood, but i kept going..
"i..told..you..i..can..fight..my..own..battles" i say in between punches. Soon i was being forced off of him, i looked up, and there they were, those glowing blue eyes, but they weren't glowing, they were filled with tears.
"mom..i'm sorry" i whisper, but she doesn't hear, and soon enough i'm being rushed into a car, and i see lights, passing by, until the car comes to a stop, my mother gets out, and doesn't even slam the door. If i was with my dad, i'd be halfway dead by now. 

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