hood ; sequel

Sequel to Hoodlums


13. Chapter 13

"Hey" she laughs, and pulls out an empty beer bottle, then places it in front of us, we all turned away from the fire. "Who's first?" Liam asked.
"i think the new girl should be first" Lena smirks, and i spin the bottle, it lands on Liam.
"Okay" Lena chuckles "you two should go around the corner, for privacy" me and Liam stand up, and go to the side of the house. He leans in for a kiss, and i freeze.
"ihaveaboyfriend" i rush out. Liam stops, and backs away a bit
"I am so sorry, i didn't know" he holds his hands up in defense, and i nod
"it' fine, i just didn't want to be a chicken" i shrug, and we walk back to the others. "So, how was it?" Lena grins "Never happening again" i state, and Liam laugh,
"yeah that was awkward" he plays along, and another boy walks out here, this one had brown hair, and sat next to Liam "i'm Jason" he says, reaching is hand out to me, i ignore it
"i'm Dylan" i say, then Abigail spins the bottle, it lands on Jason, and they walk behind the house, and that was the last we seen of them. 
"Okay, Mali's turn" Lena laughs, it lands on Liam, and they go to the side of the house, and then walk back, without making eye contact with each other. 
"i guess it's my turn" i sigh, and spin the bottle, hoping it would land on Liam, and with my bad luck, it landed on Zayn.

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