hood ; sequel

Sequel to Hoodlums


12. Chapter 12

aux cord? i take it from her, and notice it's just like headphones, then i look around the radio, and see where the hole for it is, i test it out, and stick it in, then take the other end, my mother giggles, i look up at her confused.
what's she laughing about? 
"here plug it into the bottom of my phone" she hands me her phone, and i do as told, but by the time i started a song, we were already at the house.
We walk in, and i see a bunch of kids that look around my age, sitting outside, and what i'm guess their parents sitting on the couch. "Hunny, you can go outside, and talk to them" she says, taking a seat on the couch. i walk outside, and it becomes silent. "hey, i'm Parker's daughter" i sit next to a girl, with brown hair, and a girl with white blonde hair. 
"i'm Abigail" the girl with blonde hair says, "I'm Mali" the girl with brown hair smiles. 
"I'm Dylan" i say, and notice the others around us, there's a boy with brown hair, that shoots his head when i speak "Do you go to school with Harry, Harry Styles?" he asks "yeah, why?" i ask, his eyes widen. "i'm Liam, one of there buds" he says. "Oh" just then i see someone turn the corner of the house, and start walking over to us, just as he sits down, his face is illuminated by the light from the small fire in front of us, Zayn Malik. 
He smirks at me, and Mali speaks up "we should play spin the bottle once Lena gets back" and just as she finishes saying that a girl with black hair walks up behind us.

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