hood ; sequel

Sequel to Hoodlums


11. Chapter 11

i walk over to him, and wrap my arm around his shoulders, and leaned my head on his shoulder. i looked down at his hand, and it had a few cuts on his knuckles. "Baby" i whisper, and lift his hand to my mouth, and kiss each knuckle, he smiles, and kisses my forehead when i'm done. "I'm going out with my mom, i'll see you later babe" i kiss his cheek, and start to walk to the door.
"wait" his voice halts my movements "yes?" i turn to him. "i want to ask you something" he walks over to me. "what?" i ask, "why'd you still call your father, dad, when you hated him?" he asked, and a frown instantly comes across my face. "because he was still my dad, and i thought...i thought if i kept calling him dad, maybe the old one would come back, and would apologize for everything, and would keep me comfort when a storm came, or when i was crying.." i trail off, i turn my focus back on Calum, then quickly go down the stairs, to my mom, who was waiting by the front door  for me.
"sorry, i was talking to Calum" i look into her eyes, expecting sadness, but she simply smiled, and her eyes shined, and said "it's fine" and opens the door for me.
i walk out, and get into the car, she starts it, "you can choose a radio station, or.." she pauses, and digs through her purse, "here's the aux cord" she continued.

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