hood ; sequel

Sequel to Hoodlums


10. Chapter 10

When me an Calum came home, my mother called me into the kitchen, and Calum knew better than to follow me, when i"m mad at him. 
"what's up mom?" i ask, and her bright smile appeared on her face, and her blue eyes started to sparkle, she was gorgeous, why would my father ever want to leave her side? Better yet, why hasn't she moved on from my hideous, cruel, monster of a father?
"one of my friends will be having a party tonight, and they're all bringing their sons, an daughters, and most of them are your age, i was going to bring you, so you can meet some of them." she said with a voice, and a glow i just couldn't say no to. "yeah, that sounds great, i'll go get washed uup" i kiss her cheek, and start to walk upstairs. I walk into mine and Calum's room, and see him looking at himself in the mirror, i ignore him, and start to wash-up, and when i reach down for my hairbrush, i see a little red zipped up bag, that had a sticky note on it, it read:

Since we're all starting over and all, i thought this is something you should try out, most teen girls wear it. 

i unzipped the red bag, and saw that inside was a bunch of make-up products, i smiled, and put on a light pink lipstick on, got dressed up, and i walked out the bathroom, and saw Calum sitting on the edge of the bed, his back to me. 

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