Behind Blue Eyes


1. Behind Blue Eyes

Behind blue eyes,
 I am a girl, I hide.
 Shield away from the world,
 I cry.
 When here on the inside,
 I am a broken mess of emotions,
 That continuously shift,
 The old me, continuous to drift.
 Farther away,
 Like day to night,
 My light,
 faded to dark.
 An empty abyss,
 Of darkness, an eternal bliss,
 Of loneliness and solitude,
 Because I have long been gone,
 My way strayed to a path of wrong.
 Past what is right,
 Lost the will to fight.
 Only know how to spite,
 To those around me,
 Those in my sight,
 I only see,
 A pointless life.
 I question,
 Why you smile,
 In a world so defiled.
 Behind blue eyes,
 Are only tears of pain,
 Tears coming down like a flood of rain,
 Only they never hit the ground,
 They are never ending,
 Go on forever,
 Coming to a stop, never.
 Is there anyone to understand,
 When they can not feel,
 The ache within my heart,
 When they could not tell it was there from the start.
 Can they see just how real,
 The torment is,
 When it brings me to my knees,
 Or awakens my fears,
 Or when I am at my vulnerable,
 Showing tears.
 Can they truly say,
 They have been there,
 They know what I am going through,
 When they where at that point,
 And did not know what to do.
 Or are they empty words of comfort,
 To a girl with blue eyes,
 Deeper than the sea,
 And hollow as the ground,
 Because they can do nothing else but pretend,
 That they are truly your friend.
 They are just words to me,
 And that's all they are,
 Lies and deceit,
 Hearts as cold as ice,
 And as hard as concrete.
 So leave me be.
 Let me die in a peaceful sleep.
 Rotting away in my own nightmare,
 Don't you dare,
 Act like you care,
 I will only block them from my thoughts.
 As I drift into a coma,
 To never wake,
 And drown in my own misery,
 I am hated and discriminated,
 Unwanted, unloved.
 Don't tell me lies,
 I wont hear,
 Behind blue eyes,
 I'll face every fear,
 When the light goes out and dull,
 You can not play me for a fool.
 I am not a plaything,
 I am not your tool.
 As I die,
 The light will fade out of each eye,
 Until they cover over with iris's of white,
 Because its alright,
 I am not scared of death.
 My eyes,
 Are no longer blue.
 And I always knew,
 I would be alone,
 In the end.

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