Gamer love

Aria is a gamer and meets a guy online named Dragonmike she is in love with him.Soon she meets Calum and helps him join her brothers band as her brother is lead sing. She falls in love with her brothers band mate Michael but will he change her mind about this love will the video games make life a bit hard? Will the newest video game take it to far?


2. chapter 2

I wake up to a scream. "Ahh!"I get up and put my hair in a bun.I open my door and walk downstairs to see my mom she was blushing. "Mom what was that my sleep was pretty good till I almost fell out of my bed".She smiles "I walked in on your brother sucking a girls face off!"I giggle "Oh". I run in the living room to see Luke apoligizing to the girl I borrowed a pencil from. "So number 1 rule Luke you broke it dont wake me and well when the lucky lady leaves you better hope Mikey or Calum dosent rescue you or your dead!".His face turns white. "Leslie this is..."I smile and wave "Aria Lukes way cooler sister and the devil that he upset!"She giggles "Sorry!"I laugh "Your sorrry oh no I am mad at Luke because his room is avalible so mum screamed and woke me up and your nice he isnt so yeah karma is a bitch to him!"We laugh and Luke pushs me out "bye Aria go hang with your boyfriend or something you have 1 right?"I nod "He is coming soon!"He nods "wanna meet him!"I nod "okay?".I walk upstairs and shut my door locking it.I strip down.I put black leggings.I put a white sex pistols shirt on i put a black leather jacket over it.I put my knee hight boots on.I straightened my hair and put eyeliner and mascara on.I sighed today I get to dye it. I see a text "Open the door for Mikey!"I walk downstairs "Thanks Lukers!"I open the door and Mikey comes in."Come on it will take a long time with you!"I giggle and take Michael to the bathroom.I put a towel around him and mix the dye and mix it in his blonde hair.I wash an rinse and add shampoo.An hour later he was done."Next is me!"He helps me bleach mine and dye it.I smile and we dry our hair.I sigh as it curls up again.I take the straightener out and straighten my hair.I giggle and turn pecking Michaels lips."Come on we can go to like I dont know somewhere like a walk on the beach?"He nods "I love walking on the beach!"I smile "first!"I pull him downstairs and push him against the wall "Dont move wait!"I go in the living room "Lukers my boyfriend is here!"He walks out and I pull Michael out! "Here he is!" Luke smiles "ok he is good past inspections but Mikey if you break her I break you!".He nods.I giggle "Come on Mikey!"We run out the door. "He wont hurt you he is just really protective!"He giggles "I know!". We walk to the beach.I smile as I see a little girl she smiles "I like your hair miss!"I smile "i like yours too!"She blushes "Thanks!".So beach walks are fun."Hey baby look its a starfish!"I look and there was a starfish! "In this game I was playing there was a starfish and it attacked me so the boy who played with me attacked but attacked me to it was funny je was so funny kind of like you!"He smiles "Thats weird the same happened to me?" My Face lights up I know lets go back to my place and lets see if we were each other!"He nods and we run back to the house.

Sorry guys for the short chapter! I have lots going on since it is almost X-mas oh and Who whent to Rosemont Illinois to see 5sos at the Allstate arena! I did first concert and I waved at Mikey and Ash because I got horrible seats and could see backstage and LUKE HEMMINGS AND OMI SAW AND WAVED BACK! OMG LIKE LIFE RIGHT THERE! -Lily stay awesome guys comment Update for another chapter!😘💚💚😘💚💚

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