Gamer love

Aria is a gamer and meets a guy online named Dragonmike she is in love with him.Soon she meets Calum and helps him join her brothers band as her brother is lead sing. She falls in love with her brothers band mate Michael but will he change her mind about this love will the video games make life a bit hard? Will the newest video game take it to far?


1. chapter 1

Chapter 1

I grab my phone and dial Pizza Huts number."Yes I want a large Pepporoni pizza with breadsticks and garlic sauce!"They tell me the price and hang up.I grab my purse and the X-box controller,Pop,and chips.I wait for the pizza man to arrive.When he does I pay and sit down on the floor in my room with everyting around me.I smile as I get on.I get on a game I had just got.Their was a live chat room."Hey guys need help I just got this game how do you play?"I wait a couple of minutes pass.I get a reply "So you want to destroy your oppoment using skills you get from fighting.So like you fight me and get skills!So if a guy came and asked 'Hey dude lets fight!You push acept or decline!Then you fight!"I nod "Ok thanks but I am a girl!"He replys with "Sorry mostly guys play on here!"I nod and reply "Its ok!"His name was so cool "DragonMikex"I gigle as I read it mine was so plain "AriaKitty"I sigh as hours pass feeling like minutes."So like what school do you go to?"He asks I sigh "Tommrow I am going to a new school I had to move!"I reply he sends an ok back,Then my screen goes black."The fuck!"I look up and I see Darek my step dad "Go to sleep!"I sigh and get up and walk to ny room.I fall to sleep instantly.

I look at my skull alarm clock as it blasts out I miss you by Blink169.I smile "A nice way to wake up in the morning!"I get up turning my alarm clock off.I go to my closet pulling out light blue skinnys a dark red long sleeved shirt and a white infinity scarf out. I take a shower and put my clothes on.I slip my brown knee high boots on.I put my purple hair in a ponytail.I put my bangs to the side.I put eyeliner on my green eyes.I sigh and take my backpack and walk downstairs."Luke!" my brother comes down.He looked good for once "Excited?".I fake a smile and put my hands in the air "I am so excited I love school!"Hinting the sarcasim.We laugh as he grabs his bag and keys.I open the door and point toward it "Come on Me'lady".He giggles "I'm not a lady?"I giggle "Thats not what mom said"We laugh and walk to school.Netheir of us felt like driving.I smile as we walk "Piggy back ride!"He bends down and I jump on.He runs to school.As we meet the yard he puts me down "I cant beleive it we made it with out getting killed".I giggle "Yeah".I start walking and then fall down.I look up and see a boy he was kind of cute."Hey sorry I am aria I am new and I wasnt looking where I was going!"He nods "Calum and I wasnt looking etheir me and my friends were playing around!"I nod."Yeah can you show me where I can find my locker its 657?"He nods "Your right next to mine!"I smile "Well then!".He giggles walking as I follow him to my locker.I sigh "Thank you!".He nods "No problem".I smile and open it putting my books in it and grabbing certain books out.I walk to my first class.The teacher smiles "Hello are you the new student?"I nod "My name is Aria Hemmings"She smiles "Sit down!" I nod and sit in the only seat avaliable.I find out I didnt bring a pencil.I turn to the girl sitting down next to me."Hey can I borrow a pencil?" He nods giving me one.I sigh taking notes.When the bell rang I gave her the pencil back.I walked out going to my locker retreiving a pen and pencil.Then going to my next class.I walk in the teacher smiles "Are you mrs.hemmings?"I nod "Yes".She smiles "Follow me".I nod following her "Here is where you will sit".I nod "Ok Thanks!".She nods walking back to her desk.I see a kid he caught my eye he had beautiful eyes.I smile as he sits down next to me. I sigh taking the notes on the board.Then I hear "Who are you?" I sigh "I am Aria Hemmings I am new here!" I say looking at him he smiles and nods.I finish ny notes as the bell rings.I pick up my stuff and head to my locker putting some books away and grabbing others ready to go to lunch.I walk o lunch and get my tray. I sigh "Where to sit?" I whisper to myself. I see a table alone in the corner.I smile "There!".I walk over an sit down.I started with the pizza. It didnt taste like the ones I liked. "Hey Aria!"I look up to see Calum. "Oh hey Calum!"He smiles "May I join you, ya look lonley?"I giggle "Yes may and thats because my brother dosent have the same lunch period as me!"He smiles "Your brother?"I laugh "ya you know their like related to you they share both of your parents or just 1!"He chuckles "I know that just whats his name?" I giggle at his response "Luke,Luke hemmings!" He nods "Oh I dont think he likes me I tried hanging but he never really came netheir did Mikey?" I nod slowly "You have no idea who Mikey is do you?" I nod then shake my head.We laugh "Mikey is right over there!"He pointed to another lonley table.It was the boy from my secknd class it was him? "Oh he sat next to me in science!"He nods "They want to make a band I want to join Mikey dosent like me Luke thinks I am to good for him to be my friend and thats all but I really like that stuff and want to be a part of it!" I nod and he looks up and smirks at me "What if you could ask your brother for me to come over and I maybe I could get you and Mikey talking and then wella you invite him over we can all talk things through!?"I smile "Sound like a plan Cal!" He giggles "Cal I like it!".I get up "Well you find a way for me and mikey to talk" Putting air quotes around talk. He nods "I will start that now!" He gets uo walkin to Mikey.I giggle and see him talking to Michael and he points to me and I look down.I throw my stuff away and walk to my locker I grab a pen and close the locker only to see Michael there. "Oh hey Aria right?" I smile and nod "Yep and you are?" He chuckles "Michael"I nod and stare at his emerald green eyes.He lifts his hand and puts a loose strand of purple hair behind my ear. "Your beautiful I would like to get to know you more what about a date tommrow at your place so I can see your style and because my place is a dump!"I giggle "Same here pizza bixes videogames and pokemon spread around the floor!"He giggles "Same here!" We laugh and walk to our next class we had together.I sit next to Cal with Michael on the other side.I write down a note and give it to Cal it said "Hey Mikey said date tonight my place give me your number and I will text you more details!"He smiles and nods and writes it down and oasses it back. "555-545-6768" (Random numbers!😂) I nod and put them in my phone.I smile at Mikey and write a note "Give me your number so I cant text you where I live".I give it to him and he smiles "555-324-6745" (also random numbers😂).I nod and put them in my phone.I hear the bell ring and get up stuffing my stuff in my bag "Sit down the bell does not dissmiss you I do!" I walk about before I leave I giggle and turn "Then what the hell is the bell for!"I slam the door taking my books and leaving to home.I wait outside for my brother on a bench.I giggle "Hey girl where did ya get your hair from the fairy?"I smile and walk over "No I didnt where did you get yours from Goodwill because your fat ass mama sure told me that!"Then the whole group around him "oh'd"I walk away seeing my brother with Michael starring."Hey guys!"they smile "enimies on the first day? Great first impression!" I smile "He shouldnt of said anything!Hey Mikey I want to dye my hair again want to help pick the color?" He nods "I will join you what about a blue no green no pink!"I giggle "I wonder if pink would look good?" We smile "Hey Lukey I will meet you later at the house I will be there later I am going for dye dont tell mom!" He shakes his head "She'll find out !"I giggle and nod "No the first!".I run "Come on Mikey!"He runs to me and were chasing each other to the drug store down the street. "You had guts to say that to the teacher Mr.Rains!"I giggle "He is on my nerves currently and if he messes with me like that again he is going to get a worse attitude!" We laugh as we go in the store.I pull out 2 pink splat dyes.I look at Mikey "Your sure right like I wont get in trouble?"He nods "Were all in this together!"I giggle and we put the dye on the counter. "15.78" I give him a 20 and he gives me my change and the receipt. I put the receipt in the trash and stick the money in my pocket.I giggle as I see Mikey eyeing the casheir. I smile "Piggyback ride ?"He smiles "You and your brother and your piggyback rides!"I giggle and jump on with Mikey running to my house.I smile and open the door as we get there ducking down to not hit my head.Michael shuts the door and I whisper "Upstairs the room with a gutair on the front that says 'Aria' on it!"He walks upstairs and into my room and drops me on my bed. I giggle "Good piggy!" He laughs and I text Calum "1234 w formont street!"He replies back "I will text you when I am down the street and you guys will come outside with Luke!"I nod and text back "k".I smile at Mikey "Lets dye our hair later I want to play pokemon lets do it outside though it is really nice out.I will invite Luke unless you rathar play soccer?"He giggles "Lukey only likes soccer really!" I nod soccer it is prepare to get kicked by a girl!"I run to lukes room "Lukey!Mikey wants to know if you would like to join us in a ternament of soccer to watch you both get whipped by a girl!".He laughs "Yep but only because I know you will beat us and I want to see his face!".I giggle and run "Mikey Lukey hurry I will grab the ball front yard!"I run and get by green and black neon ball.I grab 2 nets and string too.I run outside and kick the ball to Mikey.I put the nets on the tree carefully wrapping the string aroundt the tree and tying it firmly on each side of the yard as I finish Calum sends a text down the street walking".I text back "ok playing soccer with the boys!".I put my phone in my pocket and Mikey passes the ball "Girls first!".I giggle passing the ball to Luke "He is a lady too!"we laugh.Luke passes the ball to Michael which I snatch away I kick it in the air and into my goal. "Goaaaaalllllll!"I hear Calum say I giggle "Hey Calum want to join?"He nods "Ok re group I call Michael Calum you can help poor Luke over there!"He nods and I giggle an whisper to Michael "You need to learn from an expert Fifa is not enough this isnt a video game!"He chuckles and I start passing the ball to Michael and he tuns and run Luke runs to michael as he passes to me and I shot but Calum saves I growl and shot again Calum missing and me getting a goal.I yell "Hah goal!"We giggle and me and Michael hugh five."Calum smiles and whispers in my ear "After I get 2 goals and so do you ask to go inside!"I nod. "Ok next quarter!"We giggle.I pass the ball to Cal "Start!"He passes to Luke and I grab it from him passing to Michael but Calum grabs it making his shot. " Wow Cal has got some moves!".We laugh as Calum passes the ball to Michael "Start!" He passes the ball to me and I run and Michael grabs the ball and shots Luke getting the ball and running Calum grabs the ball michael grabs it and makes his shot. "Whoo Michael has got moves too!"He smiles.Luke grabs the ball "Me start!"I nod and he passes to Calum whos swerves around us and Luke gets the ball making a shot."You guys are tiring lets go inside".They sigh and Luke helps take the goals down and I put it away.I took my acoustic gutair "Luke can you play for us?"He smiles "Sure!".Luke gets my gutair and strums some tunes then Michael smiles and grabs a tamborine from in Lukes room.I smile "Luke let Cal use that one get yours!"I whine he giggles "Sorry I didnt know he played!"I smile "He does and he is good!".I watch as Luke hands Calum my gutair. "I love your strap!"Calum and Michael say at the same time I giggle "Thanks I love AC/DC they are amazing!".They nod "Same here!".I smile when Luke gets down and hands Calum a pic.It had Greenday on it.He smiles "Very nice taste in music!"I nod "I know now play please!".I sit down and smile watching them. "I know play this" i run upstairs and get my song list and pick a song. "As long as you love me by JB".They giggle and Calum starts

"As long you love me....." They sing as I fall in love with their voices and I listen and listen and soon I fall asleep.I feel myself get picked up and put into my bed I open my eyes to see Michael "We can dye our hair tommrow its a Saturday and we can..."I kiss him and he kissess back I feel sparks no wait not sparks more like fireworks sparking all over.I let go "That was amazing!"Michael says. I giggle "Yeah oh and we can do that tommrow thanks for actually coming today has been the best I loved your voices how they matched and were perfect together and I think rock or punk rock or pop would be best if you start a band!"He smiles and pecks my lips "I will just have to take you up on that and the band will be called 5 seconds of summer or Bromance!"I giggle "5 seconds of summer not bromance Bromance is like for a boy band I want you to be more then just a band of boys I want you to be you and if no one likes you just know I do I will support you to the end!"He smiles "thanks I love you!"I blush "I love you too!"He kisses my forehead and leaves my room.I fall asleep again.

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